Philip Borenstein

Talented technical communicator with over 25 years’ experience writing documentation for developers.



Sep 2015 — Feb 2016

Sr Documentation Engineer

DataRobot provides a platform to generate predictive models from complex datasets.


Aug 2010 — Oct 2014

Sr Documentation Manager

As Joyent’s first dedicated technical writer, I was responsible for all customer-facing documentation for Joyent’s cloud products: Joyent Public Cloud, Smart Data Center, and Joyent Manta.

I set up, deployed, and maintained all of the Joyent documentation servers.

Joyent Public Cloud

Joyent Public Cloud (JPC) lets customers create virtual machines on Joyent’s infrastructure. JPC has a web portal as well as an API interface.

Smart Data Center

Smart Data Center (SDC) is the software that JPC uses for cloud management. SDC is now an open source project.


Manta is Joyent’s object storage and compute service.


Sep 2009 — Aug 2010


Updated the Administrator Guide, Users Guide, and Installation Guide for the new version of HP’s Email Archiving software for Microsoft Exchange (EAsE). The Administrator Guide is designed to help the Exchange server administrator set up the best strategy to archive email.


Apr 1996 — Nov 2008

Principal Technical Writer

During the 12 years that I worked in Cognex’s Technical Publications department, the company evolved and changed from a company that provided vision software to support its hardware offerings to a company that focused on software and low-cost sensors. As the company’s products changed, so did its technical documentation needs.

I wrote API documentation for two major vision class libraries. The libraries had C++, C#, and Visual Basic interfaces. In addition to describing functionality, I wrote sample code in all three languages. I also wrote many of the tools that we used to generate the documentation in several formats.

CVL (Cognex Vision Library) is a large C++ class library made up of nearly 600 classes designed for OEM semiconductor inspection applications. My work on this library included:

VisionPro is Cognex’s flagship general purpose vision software product. It provides both an interactive development environment as well as a rich .NET-based vision library.

In addition to working on documentation for Cognex’s vision software class libraries, I also wrote and maintained several tools used by both projects.


Sep 1992 — Apr 1996

Designed and wrote documentation for several Macintosh software companies. Most of these were short-term contracts.


Mar 1987 — Jun 1992

During this time, Symantec made the best-selling development tools for Macintosh computers. I contributed to virtually every area of software development through four versions of THINK C, three versions of THINK Pascal, and two versions of THINK Reference. I held positions as Product Manager, Documentation Manager, Technical Support Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, and Technical Writer. I was usually in charge of at least two departments at the same time.

Product Manager

Documentation Manager

Technical Support Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Applied Expert Systems

Aug 1985 — Feb 1987

Software Engineer

Responsible for maintaining several system modules of financial planning expert system software including: spreadsheet, backup/restore system, batch script module, file access modules, product installation and update installation system.

Completely redesigned and reimplemented the backup/restore system to improve reliability and flexibility. Served as System Group liaison to Customer Support Group.

Wrote and presented a course on the Xerox Interlisp Environment for non-Interlisp users, including user’s manual, and a course on “Lisp Literacy” to make interaction between the Systems Group and Customer Support more effective.

Warren E. Collins

Aug 1984 — Jul 1985

Contract Programmer

Designed and wrote several modules of a large Pulmonary Function Testing system for the IBM PC. Taught C to in-house programmers. Resolved design issues. Established guidelines for software version control and system generation. Maintained and documented project software library.


Feb 1983 — Jul 1984

Software Engineer

Maintained and enhanced object-oriented editors of Speech Application Development System. Designed user interface for a screen-oriented symbolic debugger for TMS320 signal processing chip. Designed and implemented device-independent screen and keyboard modules and macro preprocessor for in-house language.


Jun 1982 — Feb 1983


Maintained and enhanced line editor, file manager, and software development tools. Implemented ANSI tape support.


Brandeis University

BA Computer Science, High Honors. Honors thesis was on text manipulation and representation of a hypertext system.